-General Care-

Protect your parts by removing them when you wash your hands, swim, exercise, clean and before applying any type of product to the body. Maintain the brightness of the pieces avoiding contact with chemical agents such as soaps, perfumes, lotions, makeup, hair and cleaning products, etc. Always wear your safety backs with your earrings to avoid losses.

Elaine Moreira's jewelry bag serves as a safe haven for the storage of the pieces. You can use a polishing cloth to shine and keep them clean.

-Care of parts with Guipure-

Because it is a material from organic cotton and the delicate fabric, it can be folded and frayed. Avoid wetting it. Try to keep them in a flat space so you don't lose their shape. If it becomes stained with makeup, you can use a wet disposable makeup remover towel to clean, then you should dry and do not store until it is very dry.