About EM

Designer, founder and fashion follower, Elaine Moreira started her company in Puerto Rico in 2005, making accessories for friends and acquaintances. Her passion and love for the craft took her in the journey of her dreams, showcasing her products in boutique hotels, catwalks and fashion publications on the island. Elaine captivated with her personality, wit and her unique eye for design.

“Elaine’s universe is such as Girly girl meets sophisticated woman, savvy and eclectic”. 

Elaine Moreira at the atelier

 “To create fulfills my passion for beauty and accessories, working on building this dreams of mine every day is my biggest joy".  

Her pieces earned her a loyal clientele, making it to the arms of New York’s socialites, Texas fashionistas, Hollywood artists, elegant women in all the Americas and baby fashionistas. 


Today, the company continues to design and operate from its jewelry atelier in Gurabo, Puerto Rico with an online boutique and pop up events.